Pilisszentlászló, Pest, Hungary
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House for sale in Hungary!

Multi-family house for sale in Pilisszentlászló.

The house was built with a level-shifting method, so the building and seven levels go beyond the relatively steep, mountainous, asphalt-paved road.  The 276 m2 house has a 54 m2 garage, where an off-road vehicle, a family car and winter wood can easily fit, and since the building engineering operates here, a constant temperature above 15 degrees is provided in the winter months too.

Up to one half level is a heated 17 m2 laundry room with a kitchen counter, two-pond washing machine and washing machine connection.

There is a whole floor upstairs, the main living area of the house, the main entrance from the porch to the corridor, from which there is a split level 54 m2 garden-connected kitchen-living room, a 4 m2 small bath and a 12 m2 study . On this level there is a separate 24 m2 grandmother’s room (one room + bath).

Half a level up a 14 m2 halo, from here, again halfway up the main level of the net, with two very large bedrooms and a light shower-bath. Above this level there is a loft that can be converted into a bedroom.

Technical Part:

Main walls: 30 cm Ytong brick + 10 insulation

Partitions: 10 cm Ytong brick

Ceilings: 20 cm monolith reinforced concrete

Floor coverings: main living area: oiled antique brick, sleeping niche: Heuga tiled tile

Windows: Siberian larch frame with 1.1K glazing. in the attic large Velux skylights.

Frying: traditional Zoltán Vass’s furnace furnace, which inflates underfloor heating tubes with a 1.5 m3 buffer tank.

The domestic hot water comes from a 300 liter solar water heater. This can be blown by a stream of current, the warm water in the buffer tank, or the easily formed solar collector system. The solar collector system started with the construction of the house. Copper pipes and cables with special insulation are installed from the garage to the roof, basically only the collectors and the controller are missing.

Thanks to the above-mentioned features, the housing cost is very low compared to its size. Yearly 50 thousand ft / month (water, electricity, firewood).

Garden / outside:

When we arrive at the house, we see the fence and the big gate made of the coated brick column and acacia board. The raised retaining wall was also made of acacia tiles. There are three cars in the paved courtyard between the gate and the garage. From here there is an oak staircase to the west facing terrace of oak floors, from which there is another stairway to the porch and the main entrance to the house.

There is also an acacia back wall in the back, but its full production is expected only in spring 2018.

In the garden there are several oak and maple trees, as well as forest cherry, walnut, wild game. All of this is an ancient mansion that springs wildly from spring to wildlife.

Asking price: 55 million Ft

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