Szokolya land

Szokolya, Pest, Hungary
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Land – Developmental area sor sale

Within Pest megye – and possibly the country – A unique, exclusive offer!

In the border area of Szokoly, on the edge of the Borzsony mountain range, ready for VIEWING and PURCHASING stands an exceptionally beautiful, well positioned 9 hectare (9000m2) FIELD – MEADOW – FOREST. 3% built in, accessible by hard road, PANORAMIC year round with the possibility for building, already planned and ready to preparation!

The offered plan (- 620ft/m2) is a VERY GOOD PRICE per meter squared.

The imagined and planned project is a mere bonus from the owner, who has been planning and readying the land for over 15 years. The plan comes alongside the land, with the possibility for financial help from national resources.

Both private and government projects are taking place around this real estate.

The land has well maintained and environmentally friendly cared for meadows, unused fields and a smartly chosen and appropriately planted clean forest. The forest itself is worth 18-20 million forint, and can be cut and sold at any time for a profit. The land itself is in amazing surroundings, and the price compared to that of the area is also outstanding.

On the other side of the main road there are vacation homes, bus stops, the Borzsony light train, a creek and 30-50 meter infrastructures. With the correct licencing this land can be well used, and is a great investment.

From the drilled well good quality water can be attained, the nearby neighbours with electricity and running water offer a great example.

FOR THOSE WISHING TO INVEST – there is already a complex available. The use and monetary return of this real-estate is easy to keep an eye on. The support of the local agencies and public services is already guaranteed. Based on the plan drafts, endorsements and approvals, (National Park Neighborhood Recreation Center) an approximately 200-300 million project concept. For more information, we can give you instant insight into the plans.

The popularity and touristic draw of the area is undeniable. With the 360 degree panoramic, year round views offered, this real estate is truly second to none. One can witness an unimpaired view of the inner Borzsony mountain peaks over 1000meters high, the national park, and ancient, untouched forests. The beautiful danube river and the popular river bend is also but a few kilometres away, offering an almost sub-Mediterranean feeling.


  • Budapest via the M2 Highway: 48 minutes
  • Liszt Ferenc airport: 56 minutes
  • The Nyugati train station by train: 36 minutes
  • Bus stops and buses are easy to reach
  • Bicycle road coming soon

The asking price is 55,5 million forint

For more information or to view the area, please call us!

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